Financial Assistance


If you’re worried about how you’ll make ends meet during your pregnancy, your local Bethany branch may be able to provide some relief.* We want you to feel like you can manage your personal situation while also giving the space to make the best decision about your pregnancy.

Types of financial assistance we may be able to provide:

  • Financial assistance for living expenses during your pregnancy such as: rent when you can’t work, food, transportation, utilities, or maternity clothes.
  • Help with medical and legal expenses if needed.
  • We also connect you to longer-term assistance in your community that will be available before and after you’ve delivered.

KNOW THIS :  You may have more options than you originally thought you do. Don’t let this pregnancy bring you down. Let’s talk more and determine your best path forward.

*Financial assistance varies by branch location and is controlled by state law which regulates amounts and kinds of assistance available to you. 


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