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Chris and Kristy

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We are Chris and Kristy and our dogs are Hannah and Nova.  We want to thank you for this taking this opportunity to look at our portfolio!  We are excited to share a little bit about ourselves with you. 

We were married in June 2013 after having met two years prior.  We met at church, through a singles function and hit it off from there.   Our love for our dogs, being outdoors, and family is part of what attracted us to each other.  Our faith and relationship with Jesus was first and foremost in both of our lives, so it was a must in whomever we married and knew it was the key to having a strong, healthy marriage. 

Chris is a nurse and does consultant work for assisted living homes.  His work caring for the elderly was one of the first things that attracted Kristy to him.  Chris comes from a fairly large Filipino family and is the oldest of four siblings, two sisters and one brother.  Chris’ family is very close and we get together at least once a week.  Chris loves technology and is very good with it.  Chris is the more organized one of us and is amazing at figuring out a step by step plan of how to get something accomplished.

Kristy was a history teacher for fifteen years in Santa Ana, both junior high and high school.  She currently does some occasional substitute work nearby  She is the youngest of four children and the aunt of seven nieces and one nephew!  We love having our nieces and nephew over to our house spend the night or take them on fun adventures.  We also like to go to her grandmother’s farm in Arizona with the family for a long weekend a few times a year.  Kristy loves to read and write and go for walks in nature.  She absolutely loves road trips and has traveled all over much of the United States.  She also went back for a master’s in school counseling because of her heart to help youth. 

Some of our favorite things to do together are hiking, riding bikes, and traveling.  We have been to several places around the United States, we got engaged in Venice, Italy and also went on a family trip to the Philippines shortly after we were married.  We plan to continue to travel with our children because it’s not only educational, but also so much fun!  The last two years, we did a total house renovation that was very strenuous with us doing a lot of the work ourselves, but it showed how well we work together, compromise, and compliment each other in our strengths. 

We are involved in a weekly small group through our church.  We want to instill a strong faith in any children we have, teaching them to love God and others.  Our church has great children’s programs and opportunities for missions and ministry.  Kristy has been involved with a Christian camp since she was a young child.  We would love for our children to get that same camp experience as well.  

Our dogs are a huge part of our life.  We love to play with our dogs and take them on walks.  Sometimes our dogs get to travel with us as well, and have inspired some stories Kristy wrote and recorded for her nieces and nephew. 

We live in an area of Orange County that has a very country feel too it.  We have hiking trails and horse trails all throughout our neighborhood and community.  We live in a large townhome, but one of the most appealing things to us was the big grassy common area in the back with a gated pool and spa.  We could completely envision our children running around back there and exploring.  When our nieces and nephew come over or friend’s children, we will play tag back there, swim in the summer, or walk to our nearby park.

Both of our families live in Orange County as well.  We have a lot of support from our family and they are very excited to welcome a new family member.  We have been truly blessed having such strong and close relationships among both sides of our family.  Any child in our home will have amazing grandparents, a lot of love from aunts and uncles, and several cousins to play with. 

We are not able to have children of our own, so we would love to provide a stable, loving Christian centered home to a child.  We hope to eventually be able to adopt at least one more.  We believe that you, as a birth parent looking to place your child, are doing an incredible act of love for both your child and for the parents you choose to raise your child.  We will honor that gift of life should we be chosen as parents.  We have so much love to give and would love to grow our family.  We believe and trust that God is at work and has the perfect plan and will work in that placing the right child in our home at the right time. 

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and consider us!

With much love and excitement,
Chris and Kristy

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Location:La Mirada
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