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Cody and Mari

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Thank you so much for reading our story. We have been praying for you. You are so brave and we can’t imagine what you are walking through right now. We will continue praying for you as you face the decisions ahead of you.

We are Cody and Mari and we have been married for almost thirteen years. We have been praying about adoption for many years and feel that God has opened the doors for us to pursue adopting now. Cody is active duty Military and Mari is an artist and homemaker. We love the outdoors and spend a lot of our time in our backyard grilling and enjoying the beautiful California weather. We love hiking and exploring the countryside, camping and going on long day drives. Cody loves mountain biking and woodworking while Mari loves painting, reading and jogging. Saturdays are our favorite day together, we usually make breakfast together and spend wonderful hours exploring thrift stores for old records, hiking at nearby parks or puttering around our home.

Mari is from a large family and has three sisters and one brother. She is the eldest and is very close to her siblings. Cody is from a smaller family, has one older brother and a younger brother. We are very close to our mother’s and see them at least once a year, more often when we can. Both of our daddy’s have passed away. We have fourteen nieces and nephews and love visiting with them as often as we are able. We are “Uncle Cody and Aunt Mari” to all our friend’s children and love spending time with and playing with our “kids”. Our niece, Lisa, is adopted and is looking forward to having a new cousin to love, she prays for her new cousin and asks about the adoption every time we speak to her.

We are very involved with our church family, both of us are involved with the youth department serving with the teens every Wednesday. Cody is part of the sound team and cares for the computers and equipment for our church family. Mari is the head of multimedia and is part of the prayer team. Our faith in Jesus is so important to us and we spend each morning before Cody leaves for work reading God’s word and praying together. We look forward to sharing our faith with our children and growing with them.

We are excited to begin this new journey God has laid before us. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing our lives with you.

Cody and Mari

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