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Matt and Ashli

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Dear Birthparent (s),

Our names are Matt and Ashli.  We were both born and raised in Georgia and met at a local grocery store, Winn Dixie.  After getting married in 1997, we decided to move to Colorado for Matt to attend the Colorado School of Mines.  Ashli had already finished college in Georgia, with a degree in psychology.  After Matt finished school, we loved Colorado so much that we decided that it should be our permanent home.  We love being close to the mountains, and cannot wait to have a little one to share our adventures with.  As much as we love Colorado, we also look forward to sharing our childhood homes and taking many road trips as a family.

We have a close-knit family, most of who still reside in GA.  Matt’s brother, Scott, lives in Texas and we are always trying to convince him to relocate to Colorado. One or more family members usually visit for a big Thanksgiving each year.  Our decision to adopt has been overwhelmingly supported by everyone that we know.  We are very fortunate to have a great group of friends here in Colorado, all of which are very excited about us adopting a baby.  I do not think we will want for babysitters, as most of our friends have older children and are more than eager to have a new baby in the “family”.  Every time we speak to one of them, they want to know if there is any baby news.  There is no better feeling than knowing that we have such a great support system.

Matt is a senior engineer at a large engineering and construction firm. He enjoys his work and is happy to know that his work benefits millions of people in this country every day. Matt enjoys hiking and hunting for edible mushrooms in the mountains every fall. He is an avid reader and almost always has his nose in a book, unless he’s enjoying a movie with Ashli and the fur babies. In the summer, Matt finds his own Zen by working on his lawn, which he attempts to keep as attractive as Ashli’s flowers! Matt is very excited to adopt a child to pass on all the knowledge and life lessons that he has learned throughout his life – to instill his love, knowledge, and appreciation for life in a child would be the greatest accomplishment of his life.

Ashli works for an engineering company as their office manager. She has two great bosses, and is fortunate to work for a company that is very supportive of our decision to adopt a baby.   Ashli will be able to scale back her work responsibilities, so there will be no need for daycare.  In her spare time, she loves to garden, read, and design jewelry.  She is absolutely in love with the ocean and its inhabitants, and hopes to pass this love on to any special little ones that we may one day be blessed with.  She loves her nieces and nephews dearly, and cannot wait for them to have a younger cousin to spoil.  Our fur babies are her heart, and she looks forward to getting home to get “lovies” from them every day. 

Ashli on Matt: 

Matt is my very best friend and I love him more than words can convey.  He is a beautiful, intelligent soul who treats me like a queen. I think he will be a fabulous father, a perfect mixture of fun and serious. I thank the Lord every day that he saw fit to put the two of us together.

Matt on Ashli:

Ashli is the love of my life. She is warm and caring, always there to support and console the people she cares about. She is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known, and also one of the most beautiful. Her heart is bursting at the seams with love that will be showered on any child that becomes part of our family.

In closing, we wanted to say that we are so thankful to you for taking the time to get to know our story, and we hope we get the chance to know more about yours as well.  We respect you and are very grateful for the decision you are making.  We know that this has not been an easy decision for you, but hope that we can help make this time a little bit easier for you.  It takes a very strong person to make the choices you have made, and we will never forget the sacrifices you are making.  Our prayers are always with you and your baby as you go through this process. 

With much love,
Matt & Ashli

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