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Tim and Patricia

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Dear Birthparent’s

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and look at our picture book. There are no words in this world that could ever express our appreciation for you considering us as parents to love and raise this angel sent from heaven.

We imagine a life when we will hold a child in our arms and see their beautiful little face for the first time.  We would love a child unconditionally as we do one another. Just thinking about this moment fills our hearts with joy.

We dream of doing so many things with our future child one day like reading a book before bed, kissing him or her goodnight, going to a first school play or soccer game (Win or lose we will be proud).

We plan to teach our children how to learn values by watching us. We believe in the importance of respecting others, showing compassion and humility to those less fortunate than you, the importance of family and a love of God.

I’m a proud bilingual woman from Peru and I’m going to teach our child to learn Spanish so when we travel to visit my family they too can share in our joy of getting to know our future child and building bonds of their own. I can’t express enough how important family is to both Tim and myself.

Tim and I are both physically active people. We can’t wait to go for a walk pushing the stroller with Sacha. Tim found Sacha in the middle of the highway on the way too work over the xmas holidays. She was so gentle and kind we couldn’t help but make her part of our family. She is great with kids and enjoys licking their hands and faces clean when we aren’t looking. I can’t promise she won’t steal the cookies from the hands of our little one.

We want you to know that we are big believers in education. When we become parents we will raise and nurture them throughout their life. Our hopes will be that he/she will go off college but in the end it will be their choice. Tim has 2 grown children, Justin (19) is in an engineering program at CSU and Joshua (22) chose to go into the U.S. Air Force right after High school. They chose very different paths but are doing great and we couldn’t be more proud.

We also dream about his/her wedding day and who knows maybe enjoy time with our grandkids.

Thank you again for reading our letter

Tim and Patricia

Facts About Our Family

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