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Esteban and Melissa

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Thank you, dear one, for stopping by our page! We can't tell you how much we admire your selflessness and hope you find great peace in the decisions you are facing. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and whether God unites our families or not, we hope you can feel the compassion and respect we have for you.

We have known for years that adoption would be part of our story, we even discussed it before we were married! We are so excited to finally be at this point and can’t wait to see how God will bring strangers together to form a beautiful family. We want an open, on-going relationship with our child’s birth mother, and desire that such openness will help our child to grow up confident in the love that fills their adoption story and will give comfort to the precious woman that chooses us as her child’s parents

About Us

We are a fun, loving couple and are completely enamored with each other. We met in 2009 (we were next-door neighbors in graduate school!) and lived in Chicago for seven years before we moved to South Florida. We are easy-going, laugh often, are affectionate, and entertain each other with silly songs and nicknames. A strong marriage is extremely important to us and we know we will provide a warm, loving home for our kids to feel safe, secure, and loved in.

We are both Catholics and hope to raise children who love Jesus and are kind, generous, open-minded, and curious about the world and the people in it. As a cross-cultural couple (Esteban is from Argentina and Melissa is from California), we look forward to sharing both of our languages and cultures with a child and learning about his or her family history and culture. We like to travel, especially to explore nature and to visit family, and envision many adventures with our kids.

We are blessed with wonderful jobs in education and will seek to foster a lifetime love of learning in our children. Esteban is a professor and Melissa is a science editor who writes about plants and the environment; we both love our jobs! Our parents encouraged us to study what we love and to follow our dreams, and we hope to empower our children to pursue their passions and talents as well.

We are very close with both sides of our family and see them often. Our families are warm, fun, and caring, and we all love each other deeply. Both sets of future grandparents have been married over 30 years, and are all VERY excited by the idea of a new baby in the family. Our siblings and their spouses are all wonderful, lighthearted people, and our two exuberant nieces can't wait to meet their new cousin!

Our Home and Community

We love our home and have worked hard to make it a warm and welcoming space to share. We live in a two-bedroom townhouse with an adorable yard filled with herbs and tropical plants.
We enjoy having folks over for dinner and have hosted a number of holiday gatherings, book clubs, and Superbowl parties, etc. Friends and family always stay with us to visit, and we like having a full house.

We also love time to ourselves, and our home is a place for games, movies, reading, thoughtful discussions, and spending time in the yard. Melissa loves to garden and has fun seeing what will grow in our South Florida climate. Esteban is a skilled "asador" and has nearly perfected the art of grilling meats, fish, and vegetables. We love being together, and our cozy home is just wonderful for a night-in with our kitty.

We live within walking distance of our church and love to explore our neighborhood. We always keep an eye out for fallen air-plants to collect or friendly neighborhood cats to pet, and often we just admire the views. As nature-lovers, we have fun at the beach and enjoy hiking, kayaking, or just adventuring in new places!

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our page and for considering us! We admire your gift of life and are humbled by your courage.

We promise to give our child all of the love and security we have to offer, and will devote our lives to providing the very best of ourselves to him or her. We want our child to always know where they came from, and their birth family will be an integral part of their life and story. It will always be our goal to raise our child with an understanding of how deeply their birth mother loves him or her, and we will always be respectful of that enormous sacrifice and selflessness.

Much love,

Melissa and Esteban

Facts About Us

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