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Aaron and Karen

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Dear Expectant Parents:

Hi!  We are Aaron and Karen and it is our privilege to write this letter to you. You hold such a place of honor in our hearts.  We have trusted the Lord to build our family through adoption - both with our son, Asher, and now as we wait with great anticipation for another little life to join our family.  It is with great hope that one day, perhaps soon, God would bring your life and ours into a single path - for His glory, for your comfort, for our joy and for your baby’s future.  Even though we have not met you, we have kept you in our prayers and thought so much about you and who you are.  We thank the Lord for leading you to choose to carry your baby through pregnancy, allowing couples like us to have an opportunity to be parents.  We would otherwise not be able to do so without your sacrifice, selflessness and strength.

We have been married for 13 years and have built a life that we are so excited about sharing.  We love to travel, play silly games, watch movies, play outside, and maybe go a little overboard celebrating any and all holidays (and even just an average Thursday, if we feel like it!)  We love being together - both as a couple and with our son.   Asher's five and is the light and joy of our lives.  He is a dreamer and a builder and he is filled with creativity.  He is kind, tender-hearted, joyful, determined, athletic, and smart.  He cannot wait to be a big brother and we already know that he'll be fantastic in his new role. 

Asher came to us as a precious gift from his birth mother and we are so thankful for her continued presence in his and our life.   We get together regularly and often exchange texts with pictures and videos.  The openness we share with her has blessed all of our lives immensely - Asher has no fears or unanswered questions about where he came from, where he got his blue eyes, and he definitely knows that he is deeply loved.   For us, his birth mother is family - almost like a sister to Karen.  It has been so fun and rewarding to see the role she plays in our lives and in our hearts.

About Aaron from Karen:

Aaron had my heart the night we met.  He is charming, funny, and handsome and being with him makes my heart feel at home.  He is always light-hearted and happy and it comes naturally for him to make others feel that way.  He handles difficulty and disappointment with grace and faith and a hopeful outlook.  He loves and serves the Lord, working with Jr. High Boys at our church, and is like a magnet to everyone around him.  He has a great sense of humor and he can quote a memorable line from almost every movie he’s ever seen.  He’s really quick witted and I have to stay on my toes to keep up.  He loves reading and will always be a life-long learner.  He also loves all sports, but plays tennis and golf and he also spends a lot of time playing on the playground with Asher.    He's the best kind of dad, too - because he's still a kid at heart.  He leads with love, makes up the very best superhero adventures, and always reads bedtime stories.  I love him more every day as I watch him love Asher well and as Asher, in turn, discovers his daddy as his hero. 

About Karen from Aaron:

Karen is the love of my life.  I knew from the moment I met her that she was someone special.  She has such a great heart, with an amazing capacity to love and nurture, giving unselfishly to others in her life – it makes her a really great Mom!  She amazes me with her vision for our home and family and it is what drives her in all that she does.  She has such a desire to invest in the people she loves; she is a natural builder and encourager.  She gives her best always and makes every occasion wonderful for me and for family and friends.  We are blessed that Karen is able to stay home full time.  It’s such a joy and a thrill to see her creating fun and memorable experiences for Asher with things like bathtub painting, funny kid food, kitchen dance parties, and really fun holiday traditions in our home.  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.  Thank you, once again, from the bottom of our hearts for choosing life for your baby.  As you get closer to your decision, if you have questions and would like to meet us personally, we would welcome that opportunity and be so grateful to spend time with you.

In gratefulness and love,

Aaron and Karen

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