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Pablo and Anne

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Dear expectant parent(s),

Words cannot express the amount of compassion and admiration we have in our hearts for you at this time as you consider making a plan of adoption for your child.  You are courageous, you are generous, you are selfless, you are strong.  Please know that we are praying for you, for your journey, for your wisdom, for your hope. 

We are Pablo and Anne.  This year we will celebrate the 7th anniversary of our deeply fulfilling marriage!  We live in a quiet, child friendly neighborhood close to different parks and a beautiful lake where we love to spend time together.  Family has been so important for us! We have always desired a large family, and after years of struggling with infertility, God put “adoption” in our hearts.

About Us
Pablo is laid back and funny; works as a computer software engineer, and has worked in the same company for over 19 years. He was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Georgia, over 25 years ago, when he received a scholarship to play tennis in college.  Anne is also laid back, sweet, and very personal; she was born in Canada and her family moved to Virginia when she was only 5 years old.  She is now a preschool teacher and can’t wait to be a full-time, stay at home mom!  We both have a heart for mission and met when Anne moved to Georgia to work as a missionary at a new mission center that Pablo had helped to start.

Our Life Together
We love to enjoy life and spend time together.  We love music and art, going to the beach, or hiking, riding bikes, taking walks, and enjoying each other’s company.  And when we get the chance, we love to go dancing too!  Thankfully, God has provided us the opportunity to travel over 20 countries altogether, and we have really enjoyed getting to know new places and cultures.  We have a large family with a combined 31 nieces and nephews who are excited to welcome a new cousin to the family!  Our families are extremely supportive of our decision to adopt and we can’t wait for our future child to meet them all!

About Anne, from Pablo

Honestly, I feel so lucky to be married to Anne. She is my best friend, and she makes life more fun and more stable. She has SO much love in her heart to give; I have seen her care for so many of our friends’ babies, and I’m always amazed at her generosity and patience. Some of my favorite qualities about Anne are her commitment to me and family, her ever-growing faith in God, and her fairness to everyone without ever passing judgment. As a mother, I picture Anne being equally caring and generous, unchanging and faithful, and committed to our child's happiness.

About Pablo, from Anne

Pablo is most definitely the love of my life and my best friend. He is kind, generous, hardworking, and the most determined man I have ever met. His example of selfless love inspires me every day to be a better wife and a better person. Every day brings new surprises and many smiles with him. I cannot wait for him to be a dad!  He loves being around children, and they love being around him!  He is always coming up with a new game and new ways of entertaining whenever there are children around. He is going to be the best dad ever!

Our Dreams
We are so excited to share with you our hopes and dreams for adoption.  First, we desire to raise our child(ren) to know that they are loved - loved by their parents and family, loved by God, and loved by their birth parents, who chose adoption out of love. We respect you so much, and if you choose us, please know that we would always want our child to have a positive relationship with you. If you desire a more open adoption, we would feel ready to follow such a path. We will support you in whatever way we can at the level that you are most comfortable. It is also very important for us to raise our children in the Church. We understand what a positive influence this could have on the child's life as well as in ours. We are a multi-cultural family, and we believe that it is so important to be welcoming of all cultures, ready to learn and share. For instance, we would like our children to learn and speak different languages. Above all, our desire is to provide a playful and encouraging environment for our child where he/she can grow and be filled with love and joy.

Thank you
We just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile. We know that it must be such a daunting responsibility to decide what is best for you and your little one. Please know that if you choose us, we will never take for granted the choice you've made and the gift of raising your child. We admire your courage and selflessness in this situation and we are praying for you. Blessings,

Pablo and Anne

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