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Adrian and Kelly

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Hello! We are Adrian and Kelly.

Trying to connect with someone through the words and pictures on a website is challenging at best. We hope this will be a starting point to help you learn about who we are, the home we have created together, and how excited we are to become parents through adoption.

Our adoption journey began after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant and deciding not to pursue fertility treatments due to our Catholic beliefs. After much research and prayer, our calling to start our family through adoption became clear. We felt a sense of peace that while we may not give birth to our child, we will be united with the child we are meant to parent.

About Us

Adrian was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and Kelly grew up in a small town west of Indianapolis, Indiana. As adults, we each moved to Chicago to pursue career opportunities and make a life all our own. We met in 2008 through a mutual friend and knew we would spend the rest of our lives together from the start. We were married in Central Park, NYC in April 2010.

As our desire to be parents grew stronger, being closer to family became our main priority. After receiving approval from our employers to telecommute, we started looking at houses in Westfield, IN and moved into our first home in August 2014.

About Adrian (written by Kelly)

Adrian is selfless, always putting our family's needs before his own. He remains calm and does not let emotions cloud his judgment, especially in stressful situations. I have always known Adrian would be an amazing dad. This is confirmed by how much our niece and nephews adore him! They love spending time with him doing science experiments, playing baseball in the backyard, playing video games and reading books. Adrian is excited to be a stay-at-home dad and continues to prepare for this important role through books, Bethany training courses and advice from family and friends.

OCCUPATION: Video Game Producer

INTERESTS: Composing music, playing video games, cello, guitar and piano, building computers, programming, visiting natural history and science museums, and spending time with family

About Kelly (written by Adrian)

Kelly is focused and grounded. She sees the goodness in people and always considers the needs of others. I enjoy watching Kelly nurture and interact with our niece and nephews in moments such as rocking our niece to sleep or taking our nephews on bike rides. She is gentle and patient, and they think the world of her! While Kelly plans to continue working, she is looking forward to the Adoption Leave provided by her employer to focus on caring for and bonding with our child in the initial months after placement.

OCCUPATION: Corporate Communications and Training

INTERESTS: Vegetable gardening, knitting clothing and blankets to donate, cooking, spending time with family, playing cards and board games, reading, and nature walks

Our Faith

We were both raised in homes with a strong commitment to faith. We are parishioners of a Catholic church where we attend mass regularly and participate in volunteer ministries. We will support our child in developing spiritual depth and a moral compass to guide him or her through life's difficult situations. We are committed to nurturing our child’s faith through attending mass as a family, Catholic education, reading Bible stories and praying together to name a few.

Our Hope

From the moment we shared our decision to adopt with family and close friends, they have been both overjoyed and completely supportive. They understand that adoption presents unique joys and challenges, and they are willing and open to learn about these differences in order to love and support our child.

We understand the importance of acknowledging and working through the loss that each of us faces as part of adoption. As a couple experiencing infertility, we had to grieve the loss of being pregnant and having a biological child. We recognize that you and your child will face loss through this journey as well.

It doesn’t end there, though. Adoption can also lead to greater love and joy. That is our hope.  We are committed to learn about the involvement you envision in your child’s life, share our perspectives about ongoing communication, and create a relationship that works for everyone.


Adrian and Kelly

Facts About Us

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