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Andy and Erin

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We cannot thank you enough for selecting our profile for review. Compiling a representation of us and our life together was a challenge, but hopefully it is a sufficient glimpse into our life.  We know that this letter and profile will never be enough to give you the peace you need within yourself to release your precious child into the hands of another.  While we may not be able to know what you are experiencing, please know that we can empathize and have an enormous amount of compassion, respect, and love for you.

May 2016 will be our 10th wedding anniversary!  However, we’ve been together longer, having started as friends.  We have struggled for years with infertility, never knowing if we will ever be able to experience the miracle of pregnancy for ourselves.  But our desire to start a family has never left us.  The journey into adoption excites us because it means that we can finally experience the joy of being parents!  We look forward to the trials and tribulations of parenthood; planning his or her ‘s birthday parties, teaching them things like how to ride a bike, filling our computer storage of pictures as he or she grows up, and knowing that we will have our traits to pass on.  

Our lives are filled with spending time with family and friends, running around with Max (our Dalmatian) and enjoying life.  People and relationships are a big part of our lives.  They will also be a big part of this child’s life too. He or she will be lovingly embraced as a long awaited addition.

Whatever decision you make, please know that we acknowledge that you made it out of the love that you have for this child, and that t took an enormous amount of courage and strength.  We are excited to see what God has in store for our family, and we wish you nothing but peace and happiness!

Andy and Erin

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