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Eddie and Nikki

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The greatest love in the world is the love for a child.  It is also the greatest sacrifice.  I know this love and sacrifice because I have experienced it firsthand, as an adopted child and again as an adoptive Mother.

Thank you so much for considering us for such a wonderful and precious gift.  We can’t begin to imagine what a challenging and heart breaking time this must be for you.  We pray that you will find comfort in whatever decision you make.  Please know that you are not alone in this.  When you are at your weakest, in times of trial and suffering, it is then that God will carry you.  Whatever your decision, we will keep you (and all expectant mothers) raised up in prayer.  Thank you for taking the time to consider us and look at our profile.

Let us begin by telling you a little about ourselves.  My name is Nikki, I am blessed to be a Stay At Home Mom.  I resigned my position at a Forensic Litigation consulting firm when we adopted our daughter.  I was born in Ohio and placed for adoption when I was 5 months old.  I am so thankful to my biological mother who made the heart breaking decision to relinquish guardianship.  I know it was not easy for her but she did what was best for me.  I definitely would not have had the opportunity to become the person that I am today, had she not made that sacrifice for me.

I have always known that I wanted to be a Mother.  Unfortunately, when I was 13 I was faced with the devastating news that I would never conceive my own child.  Over time, I started to realize that maybe God was calling me in a different direction.  Perhaps I was still meant to be a mommy, just not in the way that I had originally thought.  God clearly had other plans for me.

My husband, Eddie, is the President of his company.  He was born in February (the oldest of two) to a loving family in Southern Maryland.  His mother was most influential in sculpting the amazing man that he is today.  She nurtured his individuality and strengthened his foundation.  She always kept them involved in church activities from the time they were baptized.  His most fond childhood memories are of weekends split between church events and fishing on their boat with his father.

These days we find ourselves traveling between play dates, Library activities, dance classes and playing at the park.  We love to go on hikes through the trails and go on family bike rides.  We love to travel and spend as much time as possible camping in our RV.  Although we stay pretty active we also like to spend quiet time snuggling on the couch watching movies together or just hanging out playing games as a family.

Holidays in our home are filled with tons of family, food, music and laughter.  We are so excited to give our children all of the love, encouragement, and opportunities that they so deserve.  We will instill in them: the core foundation of the love of God, the unrelenting love of family, and unending encouragement in everything they undertake.  We look forward to going to ball games and school recitals, taking trips to the beach in the summer and skiing in the winter.

We are already a very strong and loving family, and with the addition of your child we can’t wait to see how strong of a family we will be together.  We have so much love for the little angel that we have never met, but that has been growing in our hearts.  We want them to know that they were loved so much and so deeply by their biological family that their birth parents made the ultimate sacrifice for them, just as God gave up his only son.  We want them to know what enormous strength you had for this act of love.  We want our children to know where they came from and keep in contact with you through letters and pictures and never question for a second the precious place they hold in both our and their biological families’ hearts.

With Love & Friendship,
Eddie & Nikki

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