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Christopher and Christine

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Hey There!

We are Chris and Christi and Willie. We are so excited to have the chance to tell you our story! We admire your bravery in making this decision and are honored to be considered. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and the opportunity to share a little bit about lives with you.


We met in college and quickly became friends. Through daily conversations, we quickly learned about all of the things we had in common.  We learned that we both had a strong desire to travel and experience new things. We realized that we are crazy over our favorite sports teams. We realized how important music was going to be in our lives; whether traveling to see one of our favorite artists or listening while sitting on our back deck, there is always music on. We have made great friends along the way, and they are some of the most important people in our lives. We also realized how much our parents and families mean to each of us and that some of the best times we have had are when we are with them. We learned that our lives were going to be full and exciting. We also learned that everything is better when we do it together.

A little bit about Christi (written by Chris).  Christi is an amazing person and every day I learn something new about her.  She is an amazing teacher and a wonderful artist. Christi enjoys teaching at one of our local schools, but I think she likes the afternoon art lessons in our basement with the kids in the neighborhood the best. Christi loves to have fun. She loves to get ‘all fancy’ but she is most comfortable when she is just one of the guys. She loves being outdoors; canoeing, hiking, bike riding or just sitting quietly on our deck. Christi is a great listener and a trusted friend to many people. She is selfless, smart and silly. She is my best friend, my best time and will be an amazing mother.

A little about Chris (written by Christi) Chris is a hard worker.  He has established a successful career in the automotive industry, and when he is not at work he is always doing something around the house.  Chris is passionate about sports.  He grew up playing baseball, basketball and football. Now he enjoys golf, softball and volleyball. He is always in the backyard coaching our nieces and nephews! Chris is a friend to everyone he meets. He is loyal and puts the needs, of others before his own.  He always wants to make sure that those around him are taken care of and always makes sure that those closest to him know just how much he loves them.  Chris will make a wonderful father.

A little about Willie (dictated by Willie, typed by Chris) Hi I am Willie!  Chris and Christi adopted me about five years ago and they are the best.  We love to go on hikes and spend time in our yard. There are a lot of kids in our neighborhood so there is always someone to play with. Christi is a great snuggler, we love watching movies together. Chris tries to be a great cook.  He always lets me try a little bit of what he is making and I always to try to act like I like it.  Chris and Christi like to have fun and they are always laughing. You should definitely meet them.

You have a very difficult decision to make, and we hope that this introduction will help to make that a little easier.  We are excited to become parents and are humbled by your consideration.  We cannot promise to be perfect parents and always have all the right answers. But we can promise to always do our best. We promise that your child will be loved unconditionally. They will be raised to understand the values that go along with being a good person and provided the opportunity to become anything he or she sets their mind to becoming.


With love & respect,

 Chris, Christi & Willie







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