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Dustin and Jessica

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Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a bit!

In November of 2013, we met with an amazing young couple who would soon begin a lifelong journey with us. Kay was pregnant with a little boy, due in just a few short months. Upon meeting, we both immediately felt like kindred spirits, and acknowledged the mutual inkling that we had been brought together through nothing short of divine intervention. What a blessing it was to be able to walk with Kay through the last few months of her pregnancy. We cherished the time to build a loving relationship; laughing, crying and ultimately welcoming Byron into the world in February of 2014…in the middle of a blizzard! We will never forget that day, the bond we had formed with Kay and Shawn would be a lifelong one.

We walk in faith that the same divine hand that brought us together with Kay & Shawn has also brought us together with you!

We have learned SO much over the past 2.5 years of being parents to Byron. To care for someone way beyond yourself, to laugh uncontrollably at all of the strange and new perspectives a child brings, to pull together as a team and to nurture a child to become a caring and loving person. It’s a BIG responsibility, but we are all in, unconditionally, and love every joyful and trying minute of being a parent!

With all of that said, here is some insight into our interests and passions. We hope to get to know yours soon too! :)

What We Value:

We value spending time together as a family, experiencing new things, surrounding ourselves with positivity and nurturing our children into well rounded people.

What We Are Passionate About:

Supportive Relationships - We surround ourselves with positive, genuine and loving friends and family. We are blessed with a great group of friends who are at a similar life stage, and family close by who offers endless encouragement, laughter and treats to Grandchildren.

Music - Dustin is a drummer, pianist and composer. He’s occasionally called to do studio work for people and has played in many local bands as well as toured for about 2 years prior to dating Jess. Jess is a vocalist, and also dabbles in piano, trumpet and guitar. Both of us grew up in music programs in school and it has become a lifelong hobby. In fact, in our past life before Real Estate, we owned a recording studio in Grand Rapids and someday hope to revive the ability to have a space for our family to arrange and record music again.

Being Active - As a couple we enjoy playing catch, tennis, hockey and golf. With a toddler, being active often looks more like evening family walks to the football field down the street, the playground just around the corner or over to the lake to do some fishing.

The Outdoors - We enjoy camping, boating, hiking, exploring, going to the beach or spending weekends at the family cottage near Traverse City with cousins and extended family.

Our Work: Dustin is a Realtor and Jess helps out with the business end from home while staying home with Byron. We have a lot of flexibly where we can mold our schedule to accommodate family time, vacations and activities.

We’ve cherished our time as a family of 3 and are excited to continuing growing our family. Our situation is unique in that we’ve appreciated the Birthparent dynamic that we’ve experienced through Byron’s adoption. We see value in the relationship that Byron has with his Birthparents and will continue to have with them throughout his life. What a blessing it would be to walk this journey together, and we’d love the opportunity to grow a relationship with you too!

Well enough about us, we’d love to get to know you! Hope to meet you soon, and thanks for the love you have for your child!

Facts About Our Family

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