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Michael and Erin

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Dear friend,

You are amazing.  We are in awe of the strength and courage it takes to make the difficult decision to place your child for adoption.  We can never fully understand the wide range of emotions you are feeling, but we do know that we can offer a safe and loving home for your child.   We are beyond grateful to you for considering our family to take on this role.  

We (Michael and Erin) have known each other a very long time.  We attended the same middle and high school and graduated the same year.  We did not start dating, however, until 9 years later.  We fell for each other very quickly and were married in October of 2009.  Just a few months after we were married, we moved to be closer to our families and where we grew up knowing that we would be starting a family soon.  We wanted all of our children to grow up close to their grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and cousins.  We did know from the start, however, that we would have fertility complications and adoption has always been a very real and welcome possibility.

 We were blessed with our beautiful son, Jace, in August of 2013.  We always knew that we wanted to be parents, but we never realized the extreme love and joy that comes from having a child until he was born.  The heart bursting happiness that has entered our family cannot be expressed in words.  Now that we have experienced this, it has fueled the determination to add to our family by at least one if not more children.   

Michael is an amazing husband and father.  He is fun and always up for an adventure.  He loves sports, music, and our family more than anything.  He is very close to his parents and siblings.  Erin is silly, energetic, and loves being a mom more than anything.  She is very close to her family and friends and loves her job as a veterinarian.  She also loves sports, music, nature and animals, of course.  She puts her family and role as a mother before anything and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Jace is a goofy and active two year old.  He loves trucks, trains, and his play kitchen.  He absolutely loves playing with his cousins and friends.  He cannot wait to become a big brother so he can show him or her his firetrucks!   We also have two mixed breed dogs that are wonderful with Jace and will be glad to welcome another child into the family.

We live in a small, rural town on a quiet dirt road, but are only a few minutes away from Lake Michigan and all sorts of fun.  We are at the beach quite often during the summer.  We also love going to the zoo, visiting museums, going on hikes and bike rides and taking road trips to new and exciting places.  We traveled quite a bit before having children and now that we have them this has not changed.  We cannot wait to add another little adventurer to our family.

We are honored that you have taken the time to read this.  We pray for you and this selfless decision you have made daily.  Our promise to you is that we will be the best parents we can possibly be and will love your child unconditionally.  

Michael, Erin, and Jace

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