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Ryley and Kellie

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“For this child I (we) prayed…” – 1 Samuel 1:27a

 Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Our names are Ryley and Kellie, and we are grateful you are considering us as potential parents for your child. Although we have never met, we have been praying for you and your baby for a long time. We have learned on this journey that God often takes us along unexpected roads; perhaps this is where our roads are about to meet.

Our Story

Our story begins earlier than many love stories; we met as young children and were friends throughout childhood and earlier teenage years. Life took us separate ways, and we reconnected as adults. Ryley says that God brought Kellie to mind as he was out mowing hay one day. It soon became clear that in His timing, God has brought us the perfect life partner. We have been married for four years. The year we got married, we bought an old farmhouse on 5 acres of land. We have been remodeling it and making it our own ever since, enjoying life together.

Ryley (by Kellie)

Ryley is my best friend, my knight in shining flannel, the love of my life. He is kind and loving, and tells me every day how much I mean to him. He treats everyone with respect and is generous to a fault. He is good at just about everything, from building things or fixing things, to arranging flowers he picked for me into beautiful bouquets. He is hard working and has built a successful tree trimming and removal business from the ground up over the past few years. He is happiest out on his tractor, in jeans and an old favorite white t-shirt, with me riding along beside him. He is a man of God who leads me along in our walk with Christ, and I know he will do the same for our children. He will be an amazing father when God chooses to bless us with a family.

Kellie (by Ryley)

Kellie is my sunshine; she always brightens my day and brings a smile to my face.  She is my best friend and partner for life. Kellie loves active hobbies of all types, things like walking the dog, bike rides, skiing, or riding her horse. She is a very kind and caring person and demonstrates this to those around her, including the many animals on our farm. Kellie is a physical therapist and has chosen to specialize in pediatrics because of her love for helping children. However, more important to her than a career is her desire to be a mother. It is what she has always wanted to be since she was little. She has a strong relationship and trust in God, and is excited to share that with our children. I am looking forward to watching her with our children. I am confident she will be a great mother!

Our Many Adventures

We love doing life together. Ryley’s passion is farming, and we raise hay as a family. Each summer we plant a large garden and freeze or can the produce to enjoy all year long. On a typical weekend we work on house or farm projects, and relax in the evenings with a bonfire or board game nights with family and friends. We are fortunate to have both of our parents living nearby, and our moms are excited to baby-sit once our little one arrives. When we aren’t relaxing at home, we enjoy traveling together. Fall is our favorite time of year to vacation. Our travels have taken us out west to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, out east to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, and up north to the UP to enjoy all our home state has to offer. We also enjoy shorter trips throughout the year to visit out of state family or enjoy a weekend cross-country skiing getaway.

Our Journey of Faith

We both had the privilege to be born into and raised in Christian homes. We value this upbringing and plan to raise our children in a similar fashion. We attend a local church a few minutes from our home. It has an excellent child and youth program, actively participates in mission trips, and is full of wonderful people who have made us feel welcome. Kellie volunteers in the nursery and food pantry. Ryley takes care of tree care for the church property. As we journeyed through infertility together, friends from our church and particularly our small group lifted us up in prayer. They cried with us after our miscarriage and supported us when our journey led us here. This road has not been easy, but our marriage and our faith are stronger as a result. And this road has led us to you.

Our Belief

It is nearly impossible to convey who we are into a few short paragraphs. We hope we have given you a glimpse of our life together and would love to share more if you are interested. Please remember this takeaway: We believe that despite how hard this has been (for you and for us), God has our best interests at heart. He already knows the outcome, and has determined the best possible outcome for us, for you, and for your baby. We will continue to pray for you and your baby. Thank you for considering us. We take the responsibility seriously and are humbled at the thought of such a precious gift.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1

 With love,

Ryley and Kellie  

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