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Tom and Jess

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Dear expectant parent,

As we are sitting here writing this letter we have so many thoughts and feelings running through our minds.  Love for this future child, nervousness about making a good impression, fear of rejection, excitement for starting a new journey and admiration for you for making this choice for your child. We think that what you are doing is so courageous. We can only imagine what emotions you are feeling on your side of this process. You’ve made so many sacrifices already in considering adoption for your child.  Please know that if you choose us, he or she will be surrounded with love, laughter, joy, compassion and stability.  We will make it a priority for your child to know that your selflessness and compassion is what brought him/her to us, that it was an act of love.

Hopefully this letter will help paint a picture of the life that we plan to give a child. Here are some more things about us

About Jess by Tom

It may seem cliché, but I can honestly say Jessica is my best friend.  She is a big ball of sunshine in my life making my world bright and fun. She has a great sense of humor and always laughs at my jokes no matter how terrible they are.  She really makes me feel at peace with who I am and I can be myself around her no matter how I am feeling. Jessica has an innate ability to know people and love them for who they are. She is so welcoming and friendly that she makes me more outgoing just by being herself.  Jess also knows just what to say when I am sad and I can only imagine how she will be as a mom comforting her child. Jess has always known that she wanted children and will be a wonderful mother. She loves her friends’ kids as if they were her own and she will bring that kind of devotion to your child. 

About Tom by Jess

Tom is the perfect man for me and my favorite person ever.  I always feel free to be myself because he loves me for exactly who I am. Tom will be a great daddy! He is very affectionate, loyal, smart, selfless and is very dependable. Tom is always a favorite at weddings because he loves to dance.  He is one of those people who doesn’t care if he looks goofy or weird.  He is 100% himself all of the time, never afraid to snuggle or hold hands in public or dress up as Thomas the Train to make a little kid laugh.  His biggest goal in life is to make my life happy and great and I am positive that he will be that way with his child. 

Our careers

Tom has a fulfilling career at an automotive company as an Engineer/Analyst. He is the bread-winner in our family and an Excel superstar. Tom looks forward to helping his child with their math and science homework and projects. 

Jessica is a registered nurse on a traumatic brain injury unit. She loves teaching her patients to talk and walk again after their extensive injuries.  Growing up all she ever wanted to do was to nurture and help people.  This is why she finds her work so rewarding.  Having a nurse in the family is very helpful. She will be a loving mother who kisses her child’s boo-boos and looks forward to teaching her child to walk and talk for the first time.

Why we have chosen adoption

We have been trying to get pregnant since we got married in 2010.  Through the years, we have struggled with infertility, had a miscarriage and went through IVF therapy. We wanted a child so badly. After much prayer, we realized that God was pointing us towards adoption. Adoption had always been on our hearts as an option. Once we made our decision our hearts were filled with joy and relief. It was very exciting and our family and friends have been very supportive and excited about our decision. They can’t wait to welcome your little one into our family.

Final thoughts

We want you to know that we are willing to open our hearts to developing a relationship with you but if you have a different path to take that is alright too. We would be glad to meet you and honored if you choose to let us raise your child in a house of love, not to mention respect and appreciation for the choice you made to place him or her with us.  Know that we are praying for you and keeping you and your child in our hearts.

Thank you for considering us as parents for your child.

With love,

Tom and Jess

Facts About Our Family

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