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Adam and Stephanie

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Thanks for reading this letter about our little family. As you read, know that we are praying for you to know a real peace in this time as you make decisions for yourself and your child. God is rich in wisdom and gives it freely. We know this because we’ve asked and He’s always been faithful to provide. He is available to you too in your time of decisions.

Okay, about us: We are Adam and Stephanie and our daughter is Adelaide who is loving kindergarten. Adam and I have talked about growing our family by adoption since before we were married and He has woven adoption stories throughout our lives in interesting ways. We met and married while Adam was in medical school and Stephanie was an ER nurse. When we started dating, God quickly confirmed that He had brought us together for life. We got great counsel before getting married. We were made to talk about everything, and that is when we decided that adoption was for us. That decision was almost 10 years ago. God gave us our daughter Adelaide. She has a creative and joyful personality all her own that we love to encourage. However, in the mix of parenting we have come through several miscarriages. Each loss held its own darkness and God’s gracious and unique healing. That healing brought clarity to our decision to adopt and our trust in God to grow our family.

Want to know a little more about us? In our house, we value people more than things. This shapes our time and how we use what we have. For example, we keep a few hives of honeybees in our backyard. By taking care of them, we’re able to share some sweet honey with friends and make new friends along the way. And it is so good on biscuits! Another example is cooking together, making a huge mess in the kitchen and trying new meals. We bond in that family time of making something good to eat. It’s fun to share our favorite foods as well, because food is our way to love on our family and friends. We also love to go camping. It gives us time away to have some fun and experience nature. But we also get to bring along our friends and family and let them join the fun too. A large part of investing into people is bringing them with us as we learn. A big way that we do that is studying the Bible together. God has given us a big living room, and it's been our joy to host a couples Bible study in it every week. Our faith in God and commitment to doing life God’s way is a deep root of our family life. Adelaide recently got to experience this as we read through Jesus life and she made clay figures about each story in her own beautiful creative way. God has brought so many people into our lives and shown us their unique inner beauty. Our treasure is in these people more than any “thing” we could have.

As you can tell by now, we value investment too. We both put hard work into our medical careers and are now intentional about choosing the best things for our family life. We believe in a solid indoor school education as well as a rich outdoor education too. It may get our hands dirty by planting flowers or visiting historical places or making a traditional meal of another culture. We start small with things like a good school, swimming lessons and a vegetable garden but have plans for so much more. We want our children to be prepared for their world and confident to face their challenges. It is our privilege to invest into their early lives so that they will grow up to be strong and successful in their own ways.

As you read this, we realize there is a lot about “pasts” and “futures”, and you may be thinking a lot about your own, and your child’s. But there is one thing constant in it all...God’s unfailing love. He has loved us and we have responded to Him by believing in His son Jesus as the forgiveness of our sin. In that, we have found real peace. Thank you for reading and getting to know us, but it is a greater and better thing to know Jesus. In this world, peace is hard to find and He has been that for us. So we leave you with a beautiful blessing as you make your decisions…

 “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26


with love, Adam, Stephanie and Adelaide

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