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Adam and Christi

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We are Adam and Christi. We hope the profile will help you get to know us a little better and pray that it answers any questions you may have about us so you can make an informed decision for you and your child. This decision you are making is so important and we diligently pray for God’s direction for you as you make it. Your courage and love in choosing adoption is inspiring.

From the very beginning our life together was different. Although we met in the U.S., we didn’t start dating until we were both overseas - living in two different countries! But thanks to the wonders of technology we were able to “date” via Facebook and Skype. Our roommates would laugh at us for being all dressed up from the waist up since that’s what’s seen on the screen in video chatting. Because most of our dating life was spent apart, we cherish our moments together. We were married in 2010 and have thoroughly enjoyed married life. We eat all our meals together and can be seen holding hands and hugging often. We take a weekly date night somewhere fun, like a boat ride or a walk, and just enjoy being together.

Life overseas continues to enrich our lives. We both speak Arabic and talk about our children being able to speak it better than we ever will. Our community is large and surrounded by kids from all over the world. There’s a homeschooling co-op as well as families who send their children to American or French international schools. We also have one apartment just for kids with a big play area and lots of educational toys. The children in our community are part of our weekly worship service and prayed over every Thursday evening.

Now, though, we have taken a Stateside assignment. We are privileged to travel all over America which is very fun and offers us a little extra time to see places like the Grand Canyon. Regardless of where we go, we plan on taking our little one everywhere. We hope our family travels will enrich the lives of our children and broaden their worldview.

Our families are very supportive of adoption. Christi’s mom has already decided on a nickname for the little person who enters our lives and shares with everyone that we’re bringing someone new into the family. Even though we live far from our family, we video chat with all of them once a week and send pictures and cards often. We also live among a community of missionaries all of whom are aunts and uncles to the missionary kids. So any children we are blessed with are doubly blessed with lots of “family” all over the world.

We are given one month of vacation each year and we take it! Because we have lived overseas, our vacations are to amazing places like Prague, Istanbul, Casablanca, Rome and Nairobi. Now that we are stateside our vacations are to the South Carolina, California and Niagra Falls. We love to travel and are thankful it’s such a part of our life. We look forward to the day when we can take our little person with us to visit various places in the world. Missionary kids have such a rich growing experience that results in a huge worldview and are some of the neatest people on the planet. We can’t wait for a missionary kid of our own who will bless and enrich our lives and whom we will love and cherish.

If you believe we are the couple God has for your child, we promise to raise him or her in a loving Christian home. If you desire, we would be proud to have an open adoption with you in whatever way you are comfortable. No matter what, though, we will tell our child about you and your great love for him or her.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. You are in our prayers.

God bless you,
Adam and Christi

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