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Brian and Ashleigh

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Our Letter to You:

We are Brian and Ashleigh from St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you so much for taking time to learn more about us. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption! You are a strong, courageous, loving and selfless person for choosing adoption. You’ve made the tough decisions to get here, and we cannot truly understand everything you’re going through.  But we want you to know that you have our prayers and support. We know you want the best for this child and we promise that we will be the best parents that we can be. We want you to know that we love you and the child you’re carrying. More importantly, we truly believe God loves you and has plans for your baby. He knows exactly what family you will choose for this child and we pray you will consider ours.  We hope that our photos and our stories reflect who we are and who we want to be as parents.  We also hope that in reading about our lives, you will find comfort in knowing how much love we have to give and how much we want to start this adventure with you.

Our Story:  

We’ve been together since 2006, and have been friends even longer than that.  It’s hard to remember a time that doesn’t include both of us.  When we started dating, Ashleigh had just moved to Quincy, IL with her family and would drive down to St. Louis almost every weekend to be with Brian and their friends.  About six months later her family moved back.  We were engaged in July of 2011, and have happily married since November 2011.  

About Brian: By Ashleigh

Brian is the most lovable person I know. I've never met anyone who doesn't enjoy being around him. He is very good natured and can make anyone laugh and feel comfortable. He loves being outdoors playing with our puppy. He is also great with children. It has been a tremendous blessing seeing him interact with our nieces and nephews. One of my favorite things about Brian is that he leads our home to reflect Christ and serves the Lord wholeheartedly. Brian has a strong desire to see our family grow together in Christ. He is also one of the most patient people I know; I appreciate this quality because it has helped me to become a better person. Additionally, Brian serves the Lord with a sacrificial heart. He always puts others before himself. I believe that all of these amazing qualities are things that will make him an incredible father to our children.

About Ashleigh: By Brian

How do I begin?  She’s incredible.  She keeps me grounded, encourages me, laughs with me… and at me.  She is a very good cook.  She’s comforting when I feel down, and a blast to be around when we’re having fun.  She loves people, and is very outgoing.  She takes my sarcasm and gives it back.  She can be girly and she can play in the dirt.  She’s not afraid to try new things.  

She is an amazingly strong woman who almost never gives up.  More importantly, she loves like Jesus loves us.  She is crazy compassionate (she feels sad for someone eating by themselves at McDonald’s) and loves kids.  She has worked in rough areas with kids teaching them about Jesus and just showing them love.  She’s very generous, caring, warm, goofy, and fun.  A lot of the things I’m proud of in my life are because of her, and I’m very proud of her.

Meet Bauer

We brought our puppy Bauer in our lives in February 2017 as a 6 week old puppy.  He is full of energy and is a lot of fun.  He’s sweet and playful and he definitely knows he’s loved by us.


Facts About Our Family

Location:St. Louis
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