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Joe and Jessica

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Dear Birth Mother,

We are Joe and Jessica. We are in our thirties, living in New York City, and cannot wait to be parents. We have been waiting in expectation for some time now and are looking forward to the day to bring home a little life to love!

We live in the city, near the Park, where we often go to exercise, get fresh air, and spend time together. On snow days, we enjoy sledding and making snowballs in the park, and on warm days we sometimes row boats, take walks, get ice cream, and play in the leaves. Essentially, we love to have fun outside. Normally when the weather is nice, however, we love to get outside the city to a cabin we own in the woods.

Joe loves to chop wood, hike, canoe, build camp fires, and hunt for deer. He usually fills our freezer with delicious venison that we cook together, continuing to come up with new recipes to try. Out at our cabin, there are about six other families who all have cabins in the name neighborhood together. These families are part of our church in the city. We are very close to them and consider them family. Most of them have children, so our summers in the woods are far from dull. We love playing in the creek together, swimming, jumping off waterfalls, hiking, kayaking, and making s’mores after dark. The kids have a great time playing in nature, which is fantastic, because they get the best of both worlds. They know how to be city kids, learning in one of the greatest cities in the world, and also are learning to live outdoors in the woods. Jessica enjoys teaching Bible studies to many of the kids, singing songs with them around the piano, and teaching many of the girls to sew.

In the city, Joe works in business. He loves his job working with families to help steward their finances. Jessica teaches piano and has worked as an educator with kids for the last 12 years. She is currently transitioning into a type of spiritual counseling work where she enjoys journeying with people in the deep places of their hearts. We both enjoy family life, as we have nieces/nephews and also kids we consider nieces/nephews in our church community.

Our church really is our home. We are very involved in leading Bible studies, home groups, etc. Jessica serves in the Kids Ministry and Joe serves with the men’s ministry. We cannot wait to introduce our child to his/her church family. They will be met with great love, as many of our church family have been waiting with great anticipation alongside us. We often live life with these people the way we would if our family was nearby. We love having them over for dinner, playing with them in the park (sports, picnics, etc), and also serving at various organizations or events around the city together.

Our families live back in the Middle and Southwest, but we do have great relationships with them. All of our parents are alive and wonderful, loving, generous people. Joe has siblings with children and Jessica does as well. All of our families are eager to welcome the newest edition into their arms as well.

We can’t imagine what is going on in your mind right now. We have no idea what kinds of thoughts and feelings have led to the decision you are finding before yourself right now. We want you to know that we think you are brave. You are about to give the greatest gift any person could ever give another expectant family. And yes, that is what we consider ourselves, expectant parents. We have been waiting with great expectation for the moment we find out we get to bring a child into our home.

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents of your child. We hope you know we consider it a privilege to be in this position, waiting for a child who needs a home. What we have to give are hearts full of love, grace, and blessing for the little life we can’t wait to meet! Blessing to you.

With warm affection,
Joe and Jessica

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