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Shawn and Lindsey

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Hi! We are Shawn, Lindsey, and Nicholas.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile, learn a little bit of our story and get to know us better.  As a family, we continuously pray for our future child and their family, and look forward to meeting the family and child that God will bring into our lives.  We pray for you as you walk this road and make difficult decisions, that you will know comfort and peace during this process.

Our desire to be an example to others of what God did for us, and being unable to add to our family over the last couple of years, has led us to pursue adoption to grow our family.  We are so grateful for our son, and desire to have more children. We want Nicholas to experience the blessing of sibling relationships.  We believe that each life is a miracle and each child is a gift.  


We have been married for six years. We first met at church in Michigan, where Lindsey grew up and Shawn was stationed with the Coast Guard as a helicopter pilot.  Although we did not start dating right away, we got to know each other through church activities.  Shawn first noticed Lindsey for her God centered life and her nurturing spirit and of course how beautiful she was.  Lindsey noticed Shawn for his strong leadership skills, love for God and for how kind and generous he was to others. She also thought he was very handsome.  We eventually started dating before Thanksgiving in 2010 and got married in October of 2011.

After getting married, Shawn got stationed to New Orleans, LA, where we lived for four years.  While in New Orleans, Nicholas was born.  From the day he was born Nicholas has been a curious, energetic, and athletic little boy.  He loves to be outdoors riding his balance bike and playing with the neighborhood kids and he makes friends easily wherever we go.

From New Orleans, we moved to Virginia for two years and now are stationed here in Ohio.  The military has given us some great opportunities to explore different areas of the country and to meet lots of interesting people.

We believe it is important to have a strong marriage relationship.  We love spending quality time together, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, shopping or watching a TV show, and always find ways to make each other laugh. We also value and love spending time as a family.  We love exploring the new places we live by going to new parks, the zoo or aquarium, riding bikes, and running community races together.

Our faith is the center of our family and our relationship with God provides our family with a clear direction to live and hope during hard times.  We are actively involved in our church and are thankful for the supportive friends it has brought into our lives.

As parents, we know how important it is so see each child individually, with unique gifts and abilities. We are committed to creating a home with love and security that encourages each child to grow in areas they are gifted and passionate about. We want you to know we will love your child unconditionally, just as we love our son. We want our child to always know where they came from and to know and honor the love and sacrifice you are making for them. Your child will be greatly loved by all of our family and friends. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider our family.


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