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Ben and Christy

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Our names are Ben and Christy.  We hope you find what you believe is best for your child and thank you for considering us as you take this journey.  We realize this journey is not easy, so take your time, and you will know when you make the right decision for your family.  We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our life.

We first met each other during the first night of a bowling league. Our teams bowled against each other; Christy and her mom were on one team, and Ben was on the other with some friends from his work.  The next week Ben sought out Christy’s team so he could talk to her again.  After a few more weeks we had our first date.  It started off with breakfast and then we took transit to the Saturday market.  By the time we got back to the transit stop it was the middle of the afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch so we decided to have lunch together as well.  We had spent most of the day together so we knew then that we enjoyed each other’s company.  Since our first date included two meals our friends labeled it as our “first date and a half.”  Our next two dates included going to a high school football game, where Christy’s brother was playing, and a game night at Christy’s father’s house. So by the end of the third date Ben had already met all of Christy’s immediate family as well as some family friends; and he still pursued another date.  After a year and a half of dating we got engaged.  Christy had suspected Ben had asked her father for her hand in marriage and a few days later Ben proposed. It happened to be while we were cooking dinner after a quote from the movie Cars.  After we got engaged we decided to wait until Christy was done with school to get married.  During this time we also talked about starting a family through adoption, but thought it was best to wait until Ben was finished with school before starting our adoption journey.

With the completion of Ben’s degree, he found employment as a computer design engineer and Christy decided to be homemaker.  For part of the year Christy also coaches pole vaulting for a local high school.  In previous years she enjoyed being the primary babysitter for two of her nieces before they started preschool.  On Sundays we regularly attend church and either usher or greet for about half of the time. The rest of our weekend is often spent on hobbies and activities both with and without our two dogs. The activities that Zeek and Nitro get the most excited about are walks in the neighborhood or on nearby trials; or the occasional trip to the dog park. As for us, we enjoy playing disc golf, working in the yard, and spending time with family by playing games or even just catching up.  We regularly go disc golfing with some friends but feel just as comfortable when it is only the two of us. When the weather is not cooperating we head indoors to enjoy playing games, watching movies, doing puzzles, or playing with the dogs.

We have a large extended family; most of which live within an hour of our house.  We visit with them often.  For those who live farther away, we see them once or twice a year and call or video chat with them in between visits.  In total we have 15 nieces and nephews ranging from infant to young adult, so there are a lot of children of all ages for our child to play with and look up to.  Since we both have an adopted sibling, our families have already experienced the adoption journey.  Our parents, siblings and our friends are all supportive of our decision to adopt and are ready to help us through our journey to grow our family.

Notes from the dogs:

Dear new young master,

You will be part of my pack in just a few minutes.  I love to snuggle and I will sit and let you pet me even if you are pulling my hair and crawling over me.  I will also return any ball you throw and wag my nubby tail every time I see you.


Hello my new friend,

I will follow you around the house and yard and lick you clean when I think you are in need of some love.  I will also make sure I clean up anything that drops from your highchair so mommy and daddy will think you are a neat little eater.  When you are older I will sleep at the foot of your bed and when you talk to me I will bow and then sit to let you know I am listening.


If you enjoyed our profile and would like to learn more about us please contact Bethany Christian Services.  We hope you find what you are looking for.

Ben and Christy

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