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Adam and Kali

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First off, thank you for taking the time to look over our profile. We understand the weight of the decisions you face in the coming months and admire your courage. Since deciding to adopt, we’ve been faithfully praying for you and your journey. We truly appreciate the dedication you have to your baby and we’re excited to give you a peek into our life!

We are Adam and Kali and surprisingly, we met on, dated for a quick 5 weeks before getting engaged and were married a year later. God’s hand was definitely in our meeting and we were eager to start our life together. We’ve been married for four years and always knew we wanted children. When we dreamt of starting a family, we often discussed the possibility of adoption. After three years of unexplained infertility and prayer, we decided that God indeed wanted us to pursue a child through adoption and we couldn’t be more honored and proud to be living this journey. We believe adoption is such a beautiful image of Christ’s love for us.

Adam is a Network Engineer and loves tinkering with computers and cars while Kali is an Accounting Assistant for an athletic gear company and loves sports. We enjoy spending time outdoors, from hiking one of the many waterfalls in the area to biking around the neighborhood to simply firing up the grill on the back porch. We have three rescue dogs: Keeta, Diesel and Caper and they are truly members of our family. They are so silly and such a joy to be around. Our home sits on a large acre lot with lots of trees. We have a designated room for a nursery as well as a big bonus room we can’t wait to turn into a playroom. There are lots of kids on our quiet street and we love seeing the chalk art on the ground and the bikes scattered across the lawns. We also have a neighborhood pool with a kids swim team during the summers!

Both sets of our parents have been married 30 plus years and are excited to be grandparents. They have truly been an example of a Godly, loyal marriage and it’s inspiring to see them honor God with their marriages. We are very involved in our church Small Group- The Young Marrieds- and enjoy spending time investing in our friends’ lives. Faith has played such an intricate part in our journey and we can’t wait to introduce a child into our church family. We volunteer our time with the church and community when presented the opportunity and we wish to share that passion for community service with our child as well.

Again, we are so grateful for you and your baby. Our prayer is that you are both blessed through the adoption process and that even if we are not chosen to parent your baby, God would bless your child’s future. Thank you again for choosing adoption and for your dedication to your sweet growing baby.

Kali about Adam:

Adam is my best friend. He hasn’t stopped making me laugh since the day I met him. He strives to learn and grow in his faith everyday and he’s become a true spiritual leader of our household. He’s kind when the world says to be cruel. He’s calm and gentle when the world wants more disorder. I cannot wait to see Adam as a father; his unconditional love and protection will be hard to beat.

Adam about Kali:

She can put a smile on my face no matter what, and is a truly sweet woman. I see God in her life as she is so forgiving and caring, and the more she pursues Christ, the more I see how amazing she is. Kali can make just about anyone smile, her personality really shines through when she is doing one of her DIY projects and she loves to share her passion for redoing old furniture with others. One of my favorite things is how adventurous she is and I know she will pass that trait on. I cannot wait to see Kali as a mother, and watch her share her love and passions for God and the word around her.

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