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Blake and Joni

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 Dear Birth Parent(s),

Thank you for considering us to be the caretakers of your precious baby’s life. We deeply respect your sacrifice. We are so grateful for your heart and that you have chosen to consider adoption.  We can’t imagine the struggles you have been through and the pain and feeling of loss you are signing up for.

We have always had a heart for adoption.  We were married when we were 19 and 21, and being so young, we decided to wait a few years to have children.  When we thought we were “ready”, it seemed the Lord had other plans.  As a “few” years turned into nine, we felt that the Lord was telling us to pursue adoption.  We are so excited to adopt and we want to thank you for considering us.  

We enjoy our little farm with our dogs, cat, chickens and ducks.  We are both entrepreneurs.  Joni, or “Jo”, as she is affectionately called, works 3 days a week as a dog groomer from her shop on our property but plans to scale back when we have a child.  Blake runs a landscaping business and stays busy running several crews. Blake often is able to work from either his home office or Chattanooga office when he is not in the field. We enjoy taking day trips, playing games, hanging out with our friends or just taking a walk.  We are actively involved in our church and look forward to raising our child within our church family. 

Our families are both beyond excited to welcome another member to the family. We are blessed that both our parents live about 10 minutes from our home and they are neighbors. Blake has a brother and sister who live very close. Most of Joni’s siblings live out of state but we get together around the holidays. Our child will have no shortage of cousins to play with.

Our church is very supportive of adoption and we have multiple families within our church that have either adopted or are pursuing adoption.  Joni has a brother and a sister who were adopted and we have others in our extended family that have adopted as well.  We hope that our child will grow up and have friends who have the shared experience of adoption. Knowing that all adoptions are different, we are very receptive to an open adoption.  This continues to be a long and humbling wait but we are trusting in the Lords timing. Perhaps you and your baby are the ones that we have covered in prayer for so many years.  We hope the Lord blesses you and your future regardless!

With Love,

Blake and Joni

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