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Bob and Jane

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Dear Birth Mom,

As you are choosing what family will be blessed to welcome your baby, we are praying for you.  When I (Jane) was growing up, my sister was a birth mom twice.  While the personal experience of being a birth mom is not something I’ve had, having walked through those times as a family with her give me a heart for you and all birth moms.  You are brave and loving.  We respect you and your choices.  Please know as you take a peek at our family that it is built on love with a mom who has always had it in her heart to adopt, and an incredible dad who could not love all four of our kids more.

Before I (Bob) was born, my mom and dad, with their six year old daughter began the process to adopt a baby. They wanted another child to expand their family and share love. Just before their adoption was complete, mom learned she was pregnant.  That was me. Though I am not an adopted child, adoption has a long history in my family other than that experience.  Two of my treasured cousins are adopted sons, and we have a newly adopted nephew.  Our family and extended family has many people with great big hearts, generous souls, and an incredible capacity to love.

We are a family that begins and ends each day with at very least a short prayer.  We embrace God’s love with thanksgiving, and hope to share it with a child of our own. There are four beautifully unique kids in our family.  Two are young adults, one is a teenager, and our youngest is a 7-year-old girl who cannot wait to become a big sister.

Our family began in 2012 when we got married. It’s like The Brady Bunch, but with fewer kids!  Bob’s children, or “the big kids” as we call them, are Hannah, Andrew, and Ben. Jane’s daughter, Holland, is the youngest. Becoming step-parents has helped us realize how much love we can have and do have for a child who is not biologically connected, but who is a member of our family. We hope if one of the worries on your heart is whether your baby would be loved as much as a biological child is, that you know with our family that answer is most definitely yes.

Our extended family is all over the place. Some aunts, uncles, and cousins live around the world, and others are just down the road. Some are in fun places to visit like Montana and the Gulf Coast. Wherever we roam, it’s home as long as we are together.

This paragraph is about Bob, written by Jane. When people mention Bob, I describe him as the “kindest man on two legs.” He really is. He is selfless and gentle, generous and loves for his family to be happy. That is actually his main goal… for everyone in our family to be happy. Bob is very laid back and fun. He truly enjoys his ‘down time’ whether he’s golfing with the kids, working out, playing card games or board games with the whole family, or just relaxing. Bob is dedicated to teaching and coaching his kids. He has taught each to swim, golf, and has coached them in basketball. He is still coaching Holland’s team. One of Bob’s favorite things to do is watch movies with the rest of us because it ends up being a big cuddle session on the couch in our family entertainment room. Bob is my best friend and is one of the most incredible people I have ever had the honor of knowing. Bob is super-dad… I cannot wait to share a child with him through adoption. This will be the most loved child in the world!

This paragraph is about Jane, written by Bob. When I first met Jane, she had our darling daughter on her hip. We were at church and were introduced by a minister who we were each friends with. It was clear that Jane was a dedicated mother who was absolutely crazy about the toddler she was cuddling. She is often heard telling Holland that no matter what she ever gets to do, being a mother is her biggest honor and favorite job of all. She is sacrificial, loyal and is always thinking about what is best for our family. She is smart, witty, and passionate about life. Jane loves to work out, cook, and relax with the family.  She is an outstanding mother to our kids and will be to the baby we will share through adoption.

We are thankful you have this letter in front of you and wish you the best in your journey.  You and all birth mothers and their babies are in our daily prayers.

With love,
Bob and Jane

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