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Brian and Amy

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are filled with love and appreciation for you as you make this difficult decision.

Adoption is a gift and we are grateful that you are taking the time to read about our family. Your gift of life to this child is so courageous and unselfish. We believe this decision comes from a place of deep love and hope in your heart.  Adoption is truly a work of God that will bless many through the birth of this sweet child.  Even though we haven't met yet, we know that you are so strong! We cannot begin to understand the fears you have with this important decision, but we are praying for you daily. Our prayer for you is specifically that you have peace and comfort with the decision you make and that you would see God's amazing plan for your life and your baby's life.

About Us:

We were friends in high school but we didn’t date until we re-connected many years later (although Brian did flirt with Amy a lot in school).  We have now been married for eight years.  We share interests in serving at church, hiking, kayaking, camping, spending time with friends, and photography.  We have always desired to raise children in our home; teaching them about God, faith, and the amazing world around them.  When we realized that we would not be able to get pregnant, we were heart-broken.  We then began to look forward to watching God’s perfect plan unfold for our family through adoption.  We are so excited to learn about the personality, interests, and talents that God has planted inside the little baby that He brings to us.  We want to provide a home that is safe, encouraging, loving, and joy-filled.  It is our prayer, as parents, we will love and lead a family in such a way that our child will grow up to be the person that God has designed him or her to be. 

Meet Brian: (written by Amy)

Brian is my best friend.  I first fell in love with Brian’s desire to walk with Jesus and his desire to live that out every day.  I also enjoyed his musical talent with the guitar.  He is authentic and honest.  He loves people by serving them and giving generously.  He has blessed our marriage with Godly leadership, open communication, affection, valuing family, and sharing household responsibilities.  God has given him a great ability to see past things people say, to what’s really in their heart.  He is a loyal and devoted friend who can always be relied upon.  He is kind and speaks to people with love and respect.  During the week he works with computer software and his clients consistently comment on his patience and kind attitude when problem-solving with them.  I know that he will be a strong and loving dad.

Meet Amy: (written by Brian)

Amy is a very special person.  When we met, she took my breath away.  She was funny and had a great positive attitude and still does to this day.  But I was too shy to say anything about it so we just remained friends. Eventually, we went our separate ways.  Then God chose to let our paths cross again several years later.  I did not waste the second chance I had been given and asked her out.  Eventually, I asked her to marry me and it is a choice that I have never regretted.  Amy is such a kind, friendly and spiritual person.  She is naturally encouraging to those around her, even when she doesn’t realize it.  She has such a great heart, with an amazing capacity to love and nurture, giving unselfishly to others in her life – I believe this will help to make her a great Mom!  She is very organized and really knows how to keep things going on schedule, yet she also knows how to be flexible when plans need to be changed.  As a pediatric nurse, Amy has had the opportunity to show sincere love and compassion to kids as patients as well as their parents.  Her current job as a Nurse Practitioner allows for some flexibility in her schedule so that she can work from home some days if needed.

A promise to you:

We cannot promise a life completely free from pain or hurt. But, we can promise to be a faithful presence through any obstacles encountered during our child’s life journey. We will love him or her unconditionally. We are committed to doing the best we can for them…always. We will cherish our child like a precious treasure.

We pray for you and the gift that you offer to a couple who wants to begin a family.  This gift will never go unappreciated.  May God protect you and give you peace with this decision.  We pray that God will use your gift to be a blessing to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you both.  Choosing an adoptive family requires a great deal of trust.  We will do our very best so that you never feel that your trust was misplaced.

Thank you for looking at our profile.  Even if we never meet, we want you to know how deeply God loves you and the person that He is weaving together inside of you. Both child-birth and adoption are miracles. 

What a privilege to be a part of what God has in store!

With love and grateful hearts,

Brian and Amy

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