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Chase and Chelsie

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Dear Expectant parent,

You are brave, you are thoughtful, and you are loving. We don’t know exactly what steps have led you to be reading this letter right now, but we do know you are considering a very tough decision that you believe may be in the best interest of your child. We admire your courage, and we will be forever grateful for the life that you place under our care. Some would say it is fate or coincidence for you to have found these words, but we believe God had a hand in bringing us together, and that our lives will be forever intertwined. We know you may have many questions about us, and we hope that we can give you an honest picture of ourselves, as well as a vision of the family we hope to continue to build because of you.

We have been in each other’s lives since the age of eleven. We have been together for almost a decade and a half, and married for ten of those years. In August of 2016, we welcomed our first son, Oscar, into this world and somehow we both found that we had even more of ourselves to give than we’d ever imagined. We share all of this with you, so that you can be assured that ours is a marriage, and a family, built on a firm foundation of mutual love and respect for each other.

We live in a white, brick home in Nashville Tennessee, and some of our favorite moments consist simply of playing outside in the back yard with Oscar. We enjoy throwing football, playing soccer, and swinging on the swing set as the sun goes down. We also love taking walks in our family friendly neighborhood, whether it’s to grab a juice, a bite to eat, or to visit one of two nearby beautiful parks. On Sundays, we enjoy attending church as a family. Oscar especially loves the time he spends in the children’s ministry department. During the week when Chelsie is home (Wednesday – Sunday), she and Oscar enjoy playdates with dear friends, visiting local grandparents and cousins, going to the zoo, attending story time at the local library, and weekly swim lessons. Chelsie is also bi-lingual and has been teaching Oscar both Spanish and English. On Mondays and Tuesdays, we have a nanny at home. She has been with us for over a year, and is like a part of the family. She loves Oscar fiercely, has helped teach him so much, and enjoys doing an art project with Oscar each week. Outside of our weekly routine at home, we truly love travelling. Whether road trips to nearby mountain ranges and beaches, or flights to either coast, and even Europe we always look forward to our next family vacation. We have family locally, scattered throughout the US, and even abroad. In fact, Spain is like a second home to Chelsie. She spent many of her childhood years there, and we hope to our children will also consider it a special place. We value travel so much and believe that other places, people, and cultures have so much to offer our children, as it enriches the mind and soul of the traveler.

We love all the memories we have made as a family so far, and we can’t wait to share all these moments with another child, as our family grows through your gift. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that you have found our story useful, but more than that, we hope that you are willing to help us write all of the chapters yet to come.

In Gratitude and Love,

Chase and Chelsie

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