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Darrin and Dana

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Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We can only imagine the emotions you are experiencing right now, and though we haven’t met, we pray for you daily. You are making a courageous choice, one that regardless of the plan you make will bless this world with a precious new life. We hope that God grants you peace and strength throughout this journey.

About Us
Darrin is a manager for a large health care company, and Dana is a stay at home mom. We met at work, and were friends for several months before we started dating. Even before we were officially engaged, we talked about our desire for children, and our openness towards adoption. After our wedding we spent quite some time trying to conceive, and it became obvious that God had a different path in mind for us. We were blessed with our son Evan through adoption, and he brings joy to our lives every day.

We are both huge music fans, and we enjoy going to concerts and events. Darrin also plays and writes music (he plays drums, guitar and keyboards). We are big sports fans, and especially love going to football and hockey games. We love traveling to new places and learning about different areas and people. Most of our vacations include a trip to whatever museum or historical attraction is nearby. We are both active in our church. Darrin has served on the council, Dana has taught children’s Sunday School, and we have both been delegates to our regional church convention.

About Dana (by Darrin)
I fell in love with Dana because she is beautiful, sweet, funny, and has strong family values. She is clever and intuitive, with an uncanny knack for figuring out both people and situations. She has a wonderful sense of adventure and is always up for trying new things. She also has a great sense of style, which she puts to good use in decorating our home. She loves doing crafts and painting. She is definitely the one that keeps our home running smooth. She is caring and selfless, and I am grateful every day that such an amazing woman is the mother of our son. 

About Darrin (by Dana)
Darrin is charismatic, fun, and popular, with many friends. When we met I was immediately captivated by his smile and bright, wide eyes. I felt an instant attraction to his positive personality and witty humor. His passion and talent for music fascinate me. He is a sponge for knowledge. In college he majored in Public Relations and Recording Industry and has minors in English, Business Administration, Mass Communications and Psychology. He loves to research and learn new things daily. I enjoy learning from his intelligence and can only imagine how bright our children will grow up to be. He provides a sense of safety and security for our family. Some of his many admirable character traits include honesty, sensitivity, compassion, faithfulness, optimism, and genuine sincerity. Darrin is an amazing father, and I praise God every day for the opportunity for us to raise our family together.

About Evan

Our son Evan was born in early 2015. He has an incredibly happy and easy going personality, and his constant smile is contagious to all those around him. He is active and curious, and he loves interacting with other people, both children and adults. He especially loves to play with his cousins. He has brought immeasurable joy to both our lives and our families, and we know that he will be the best big brother ever.

Our life
We live in a 2400 square foot, three bedroom, three bath home on a corner lot of a quiet side street. It has sidewalks and a fenced in backyard. It is a diverse neighborhood with a lot of young families, and there are several parks and schools nearby. We are super close with our families. Most of our immediate family is located here in Nashville, and we see them often for family events, holidays, or just to hang out and play together. We especially love to visit “the holler,” an old 100 acre family farm where Dana’s parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles all have homes. We also love to visit our extended families in Montana and Washington.

Thank you again for reading our profile. Regardless of the choice you make or which family you may choose, we admire you for making the choice of life. May God bless you on this journey and throughout your life.

Darrin and Dana


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