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Abbot and Katie

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Expectant Parent(s),

You have been on our hearts and on our minds for quite some time now. Although we know nothing about you at this point, please know that we are thinking about you throughout each day and praying for you and your family. Just as you are on a journey, we have been on a journey, too. Our journey has led us to adoption. We are excited to grow our family...not only by the addition of a baby, but by establishing a lasting connection with you.

About Us

Abbot is in the Navy and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Katie is a stay-at-home mom and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Special Education. Having both been born and raised in Virginia, we thoroughly enjoy that Abbot has always worked in Virginia and we’ve never had to move. Since we live just a few hours from both of our families, we enjoy visiting with them often and making it to many special events and occasions. On a daily basis, we enjoy doing fun activities with our daughter, Bella Kate, who was born in November 2013. Whether it’s playing in our own playroom or backyard, going to the aquarium, playing in the sand at the beach, visiting a park, or splashing around at the waterpark, our greatest joy is to see her smile.

About Katie, written by Abbot

Katie is a sweet woman who is very dedicated to the things she is passionate about, including God, family, and school.  Being a mom is perhaps her greatest passion; whether it is planning activities at home, or planning "field trips" around our town, she truly puts her whole heart into our daughter.  I thank God every day for Katie.

About Abbot, written by Katie

Abbot is a kind and considerate guy and he loves with his whole heart. I think I picked up on this from the very beginning. He will go out of his way for others and takes pride in providing for his family. When he has free time, he wants to spend it with his family--doing something fun. He routinely takes Bella Kate on "dates," which make her feel super special. He likes to make people feel special and enjoys doing what he can to make others happy.

Our Choice to Adopt
Due to ongoing fertility issues, we were completely surprised by our pregnancy with Bella Kate. The end of Katie's pregnancy with Bella Kate was very difficult. Katie was very ill for a while after Bella Kate was born. During this time, we began considering and discussing adoption. As we attempted to grow our family, our infertility struggles became more challenging and we have experienced pregnancy loss. The simple truth is that we don't want to "try" anymore. We are excited to choose adoption and to grow our family in this way; with the very special help of a birth mom.

Our Perspective on Openness
We are seeking to maintain a relationship with our birth family, if that is consistent with what they desire and feel most comfortable with. We are open to varying degrees of openness. We really need the help of our birth family to design what our future will look like, but here are some of our ideas...

We plan for adoption to be an ongoing discussion throughout this child's life. We will identify our birth mom as a special mom (maybe she will have a special nickname that she or the child will choose), who carried this child and loves this child. We hope to have picture(s) of our birth family available in our home for this child to see.  We will point out that God designed for us to grow our family with the very special help of our birth mom.

We feel that we are not only growing our family through the adoption of a baby, but also by the new and lifelong relationship we hope to have with a birth family. We want our birth family to remain regularly updated on our lives, as we want to remain updated on what's going on in their life. We could stay updated by printed pictures, letters, email, Skype, and eventually text message and face-to-face visits. The frequency and setting of contact would depend on various factors, but this is something we can explore as we meet, build our relationship, and begin to plan for our future with our birth family.

Also, if this is something the birth parent(s) are comfortable with, we would like to collaborate with her/them on selecting the baby's name. He or she will carry this name with them forever and it would be so special for the birth parent(s) to help us with this decision.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter and learn a little bit about our family and our journey. We would love the opportunity to tell you more about us, our life, and answer any questions you may have.

Katie and Abbot

Facts About Us

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