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Nate and Danielle

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Dear Expectant Parent,

We are Nate and Danielle and we live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!  We met in Virginia after Nate joined the Navy and moved there. Danielle has spent her entire life in Virginia!  We have been married for 7 years, we have two children, and we have a Yorkie named Kayleigh.  We spend a lot of our time playing at parks with our kids, crafting things for our home and spending time outdoors hiking and exploring!  One of our favorite things to do is explore small towns in Virginia and visit their coffee shops. We attend a non-denominational Christian church every Sunday, where Danielle is a leader in the children's ministry and Nate helps with technology and building maintenance.  

We are so excited you are considering our family for your child!  We are a laid back family that loves life.  We live in an area filled with outdoor recreation such as hiking, skiing, and camping.  We are zoned for well-respected schools and as a teacher, Danielle is able to support our children academically outside of school as well.  We would love for our children to get involved with sports, dance, and other hobbies!  

Our son, Ayden is 5 years old and will soon attend kindergarten at our amazing neighborhood elementary school!  He is full of energy and witty like his dad.  He loves playing board games, trucks, and asks questions about everything!

Our daughter, Emelyn is 3 years old and a very determined little girl!  She is beyond excited to be a big sister and she will be amazing at it.  She attends preschool and is very outgoing and smart!  She loves playing dolls, pretend, and coloring.  Ayden and Emelyn are very much looking forward to a new sibling!

Nate said this about Danielle:

Danielle is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met.  She is a devoted teacher, a loving wife, and an amazing mother.  She is our family scheduling assistant, financial advisor, activity coordinator, cleaning lady, and fashion designer all rolled into one!  She is tirelessly patient, funny, and absolutely adores coffee, Jesus, her students and her family.  I love watching her as she plays with and loves on our kids, dressing them up extra cute and teaching them about God’s love for them.

Danielle said this about Nate:

When Nate and I met, the first thing I noticed about him was his amazing blue eyes! As I got to know him, I was drawn to his witty humor and affectionate personality.  Nate is playful, sweet, thoughtful & our family's spiritual leader.  He is constantly thinking of ways to make our lives more functional and he is always the first person to volunteer to help anyone in need.  Nate is also an incredible dad who loves his children!  From doing Emelyn's hair before school in the morning to helping Ayden learn to ride his bicycle, he is a constant source of love and support in their lives.

If you choose our family, we promise to love, honor and protect your place in our child’s life.  We promise to share your story with our child from the beginning and to make you a part of their life.  We also promise to update you often, to make visits a priority and to celebrate milestones with you.  We will adore and nurture your child and he/she will grow up in a loving home!  Thank you so much for considering our family.


Nate, Danielle, Ayden, and Emelyn

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