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Travis and Danelle

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Our names are Travis and Danelle. We are honored and excited that you are taking the time for a glimpse inside our lives. Although we haven’t met, we know that you have travelled a long road to make it to this decision. We want you to know that we are embracing you and wishing you only the best in this difficult choice.

We are grateful for the love that you are showing by considering adoption for your child. If we end up being fortunate enough to bring your child into our home, we will devote the rest of our lives to loving, taking care of and giving your child a place in the world where he/she will feel secure, safe and comfortable. It is important to us that your child grows up knowing the decision you made was one of love and concern—a mother’s sacrifice for her child. We look forward to growing our family through adoption.

Our story

Eight years ago, we met through mutual friends at a Linkin Park concert. Right away, we were both drawn to each other. We love music, travelling and spending time with family and friends. We have three furry family members – Macy, our two-year old boxer and our two cats, Stoli and Remy. The beach is our favorite vacation destination. We go at least once a year. We look forward to introducing your child to the sand and waves! We attend a nondenominational church, which has a wonderful children’s program. During our five years of marriage, we can proudly say we have grown closer to the Lord than ever before. We can see where God had his hand in bringing us together, and our personalities complement one another perfectly. It always amazes us, how God’s timing is always so perfect, even when we don’t think it is.

Meet Travis

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. I work as a scientist/software engineer. I would describe myself as easy-going, organized and having a strong work ethic. In my free time, I enjoy practicing my drums, fishing, playing video games, and watching sports. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite season is fall. I love the changing of the leaves. Fall is also a sign that the holidays are coming! I would love to teach your child about sports and music. I would love the chance to cheer him/her on from the sidelines or backstage.

Meet Danelle

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. For 16 years, I worked as a general manager in the restaurant business. Two years ago, I made a career change and now work as an administrative assistant. I work less hours and have a better schedule. It will allow me to spend more quality time with your baby. I would describe myself as loyal, friendly, hardworking, and up-beat. I have a lot of favorite foods. My top three would be pizza, sushi, and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite season is fall! Nothing feels better than a pair of jeans with a big sweatshirt on a chilly day. God has been preparing me for this journey for many years. I was adopted at the age of 15 months into a family who have spent their lives loving and caring for me. I promise you that I will love your child and give him/her a wonderful life.

Thank you for considering our family. We will be praying for you and your baby. May God bless you on this journey and give you peace and comfort with your decision.

With love,
Travis and Danelle

Facts About Our Family

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