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Gary and Melissa

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We are so thankful that you’ve taken the time to click on our names and learn a little bit about us. 

We met in 2009 while Melissa was working at Starbucks and Gary got a crush on the girl serving him his lattes.  We began dating shortly after and although it sounds cliché, we knew that God had brought us together forever.  Our marriage is something that we cherish and work hard at.  Our love for each other flows out of our deep relationships with God.  Together we serve in our church nursery and are active members of a bible study for young married couples.  Our passion is to teach others about God and to reflect His love on to everyone we meet.

A fly on the wall in our home would see many kitchen dance parties, a counter full of coloring books and craft projects, a living room with the furniture moved out of the way so forts can be made and wrestling matches can be had, oh, and probably some form of Mexican food on the table multiple times per week.  We tend to hibernate in the winter and take full advantage of the summer.  Our deck/backyard is our favorite place in the summer and we usually end up eating breakfast lunch and dinner out there.  Sometimes the three of us will cuddle up in the hammock and watch a movie on the ipad under the stars.  We also absolutely love heading up to our family cabin in Door County, WI.  It is so incredibly beautiful and peaceful there.  Both of our families live close, which we are thankful for.  We love to walk through our neighborhood to our local coffee shop.  We cannot wait to be pushing another stroller along with us! Above all, we cherish the time we have together to invest in our family.  

Melissa about Gary…

Never could I have imagined or hoped for a better man to call my husband. Gary is someone who stands out in a crowd (& not just because he is 6'4"). Gary is a genuinely kind person who people are just naturally drawn to. The first time I went to church with him when we started dating I remember teasing him about being the "Pied Piper" of the church. The moment we walked in the door all of the kids were running up to him wanting even the smallest bit of his attention. Gary is such a thoughtful and dedicated person. Whether it be in his marriage, work, school, or as a father I trust that he will always do what is best, even if it is hard.  He also makes me laugh harder than anyone has ever made me laugh before.  Our home is filled with joy.  Gary is such a gifted teacher and I am constantly in awe of how wise he is. He is also a very gifted musician and I love hearing him sing our sweet boy to sleep. It makes my heart melt the way he loves his son and how much Gideon loves his daddy.  Whenever Gideon hears the garage door opening indicating Gary is home from work he runs around the house laughing and yelling, “Daddy home! Daddy home!”  Talk about heart-melter!  Our children are so lucky to have Gary as their father.

Gary about Melissa…

Melissa is the most loving, creative, and the absolute best person I know. One of the things she loves most is taking something ordinary and turning it into something beautiful. Our house is full of her projects and crafts.  She loves her part-time job at our church and all the people she works with. They are like a second family to us.  Whether it’s her incredible, loving attitude or her creative talents, Melissa is all about seeing the beauty in everything. 

Melissa's heart is not for herself, but for other people: those who need uplifting and encouragement. She is always looking for ways to help others and she makes everyone around her, especially myself, want to strive to be better, all while making them feel completely loved and accepted.  People gravitate toward her because of her love, most especially our son. He is always climbing on her just to lay his head on her shoulder to give her a hug and kiss.  I have never seen a mother more in love with her child, nor a child more in love with his mother. One of my single greatest joys in life is watching them talk, play, dance, and love. I absolutely adore being a parent and a partner in all of life with Melissa.


In 2015 we were blessed to meet our son’s birth mom and in June 2015, Gideon was born.  After getting a few days of cuddle time in the hospital with his birth mom we brought him home and are still to this day in awe of the fact that we get the privilege of being his mommy and daddy.  He is growing so fast and every new milestone has brought us more and more joy.  He’s full of smiles and totally goofy and you can’t help but smile being around him.  Gideon loves other kids and we cannot wait for our son to not only have a sibling but a sibling that will share the story of adoption with him.  We, along with our extended families, are so excited for the next child that will join our family.

Open Adoption…

We are so grateful for our open adoption with Gideon’s birth family.  Even though they live a couple of hours away we have grown close to all of them and know that when Gideon was born we didn’t just gain a son but a whole new extended family.  Besides his birth mom and birth dad, he is blessed with birth grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and cousins.  Gideon has so many people that love him.  We are committed to our relationship with them and love them all so much.

We hope that in giving you a snapshot into our life we can offer you assurance that a child will continue to be very loved and cared for and will be reminded of that every single day of their life. 

“Be strong and courageous…do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God is with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you.” 1 Chronicles 28:20

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