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Joe and Hannah

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We are Joe and Hannah. We have the deepest respect for the decision you are making and the life you are giving your child. We are praying for you as you go through your pregnancy and as you make the loving decision of what would be best for your child’s future — whether you decide to parent or adopt.

We have been excited about becoming parents for many years and have always considered adoption to be a part of God’s plan for growing our family. We have many family members who have been adopted, including Hannah’s dad, and we look forward to sharing that heritage with your child, should you choose to allow us the great privilege of becoming his or her parents.

Our Story

Our story of adoption really begins before we were born. Hannah’s dad was adopted from Korea when he was 6. He was reunited with his birth-mom when he was 25 and Hannah was 6 years old. Adoption and seeing the various sides of it have been an important part of Hannah’s growing up. Hannah also has 2 cousins who were adopted as infants. They are both adults now, and observing their journey has been helpful to us. Joe also has a heritage of adoption. His father had two older brothers who were adopted. We didn’t have the opportunity to get to know them, but having their legacy in Joe’s family has equipped them to lovingly support our adoptions and to be eager grandparents and aunts and uncles of adopted children.

When we talked about children during our premarital counseling, we always featured adoption in the equation of our family growth at some point. We decided to try natural family planning and to give ourselves time to build a solid foundation for our marriage. After being married for two years, we realized that we were having a difficult time conceiving. So began our journey of infertility. These years were difficult but blessed ones in our marriage, filled with times of grieving and times of joyful peace. After Joe finished graduate school, we decided we were ready to pursue adoption as a means of growing our family.

We have been married since 2004, and Joe is working at his dream job as a Nurse Anesthetist (he’s the one who would give an epidural!), and Hannah is able to have her dream job as a stay-at-home mom after teaching for 8 years. In September, 2012, we were chosen by a young woman to be the parents of her son. Our son, Tremper, was born in September, and we were blessed to finally be able to embrace our role as parents. We always knew that once Tremper was at least one year old, we would want to pursue adoption again. In 2013, another young woman chose us to be the parents of her son, and in December, Graham joined our family. We love being a family and know that Tremper and Graham will be great big brothers.

We are a family that loves playing outside, reading, camping, walking, hiking, bike riding, playing music and games, singing, laughing, tickling, cooking, and fostering faith, love, and joy in our home. Our sons, Tremper and Graham, have a zest for life and love interacting with other children.  They are gentle, affectionate, playful, inquisitive, and outgoing - all great qualities that increase in us the desire for them to have a sibling. They have increasingly been asking to pray for a baby. This has been a great opportunity for us to share with them how God has chosen to grow our family through adoption and to talk with them about their own adoption stories.

Our Promise

We promise to give your baby unconditional love, understanding, and compassion, and to be faithful parents. We promise to pray for your baby and to seek guidance from friends, family, and God on how to parent well. We are committed to continuing to grow closer as husband and wife by maintaining our individual relationships with the Lord and having family devotions and prayer.

We promise to provide a nurturing, safe home where your baby will be free to investigate the world around him or her and develop a variety of interests through play and intentional learning. We promise that your baby will always be secure in our love, care, provision and protection-encouraging your baby to be curious about the world and to feel absolutely safe in our love. We value the many cultures and backgrounds that make up our and your baby’s heritage. Through reading, traveling and cooking, we are committed to helping your baby to embrace the diversity of backgrounds that will make up our new family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us!

May the Lord bless your journey.

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