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Scott and Judy

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Hello. Thank you for taking some time to learn about us. We appreciate your interest in our family.

We are a devoted couple who wish to dedicate our love to the joy of a second child. We have been married since 1999. We began dealing with fertility issues in 2000, and our journey took us to the adoption of Caleb in 2012. We would be honored to share our life and love with your child. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

About us
We met in 1994 through Judy’s sister and have been together since 1996. Although facing infertility has been difficult, it has brought us closer together. We feel God has chosen another path for our family and are very excited to continue our adoption journey. We long to add to our family and can offer a future for your child that would be full of love, permanence, discovery, good education, and financial stability.

For our occupations, Scott drives truck locally, and Judy is a court reporter at the county courthouse. We live in a small town on a half-acre lot. The park in town is two blocks away, and the local stores are within walking distance.

Scott (written by Judy)
Scott is a very caring and loving person. He is wonderful with Caleb and the other children in our family. Scott enjoys our snowmobile club meetings as the current president of the club and spending time in his dad’s garage working on and building things, which Caleb helps with. Scott is a wonderful dad because he knows how to have fun and has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to pass on.

Judy (written by Scott)
Judy is a very caring, hardworking, and loving person. She goes the extra mile to do things, which is really great. She thinks of the details that must be done and is very organized. Caleb likes to help around the house, and Judy enjoys this time immensely, while still fitting in playtime.  She looks forward to having another child in the house to enjoy.

Caleb is our active, smart, and happy little boy who was born in 2012. He enjoys challenging himself to try new things. Caleb is quite friendly and has fun being around others. We know he is going to be a great big brother! He has brought so much joy and happiness to us and our families.

We do have a semi-open relationship with Caleb’s birth mother. We stay in touch through e-mail updates. We desire our children to be close in age. We will encourage our children to form a close relationship and uphold each other in good and bad times. The children will know they were brought together through the unselfishness and love of their birth parents.

Cloe, our dog
Cloe is our wire fox terrier who was born in 2005, and she has filled our lives with a lot of love and fun. We all do a lot together. Cloe has a tender, loving personality and is great with kids. We enjoy taking her for long walks and camping. She and Caleb regularly play together in and out of the house.

Our Life
We attend church regularly and get involved as time permits. We make a point of having our meals together with no distractions. This is the time we use to catch up on our day and plan our evening and week. In the summer, we go camping often with Judy’s family and take vacations. In the winter we enjoy snowmobiling. Caleb enjoys all of these activities and enjoys the outdoors.

Our families are quite close, and we all live within a one-hour drive from each other. We get together regularly and participate in different activities, such as camping. Scott has one older sister who is married with two daughters. Judy has an older married sister and a younger married sister with two sons.

Our Promise
We understand this has been a very difficult and personal decision for you. We cannot imagine what you are going through. However, we appreciate the wonderful gift you are bestowing on us. We will be thankful every day for the precious life that will be a part of our lives. When the time comes when questions are being asked about you, we plan to be open and honest. We promise to represent your decision as the utmost expression of love. This will be demonstrated by providing the best life that we can provide for your child to allow for a future of strong values, happiness, and success in life.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Scott and Judy

Facts About Our Family

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